Lifeline products

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Lifeline provides the security of never being alone during an emergency. At a time when caring within the home is a priority for many people, a Lifeline alarm provides a reassuring link to the outside world.

Lifeline unit

  • Up to 40hrs battery back-up in the event of a power failure
  • Sensitive built in microphone

  • Automatic announcement to advise of power failure or telephone line fault

  • Built in alarm button

Pendant or wristband

  • To raise a call for help in the home or garden, simply press the red button within a 50m range of the Lifeline home unit

  • The unit will then send a radio signal to the Lifeline home unit which will in turn raise a call to the monitoring centre at Canterbury City Council

  • Wrist strap – soft hypoallergenic, elasticated strap with clasp

  • Neckcord – with safety break link

  • Showerproof

Fall detector

  • An intelligent fall pendant/wristband is a small, lightweight device which will automatically detect if the wearer has fallen and raise an alarm call for help, via the alarm unit

  • The pendant/wristband also allows the user to manually call for help from anywhere in their home 24 hours a day

  • Neck cord – with safety break links and adjustable length

  • Wrist band – allowing the user to wear the pendant on the wrist

  • Showerproof

Smoke detector

  • On detection of smoke, the wireless optical smoke detector will raise two alarms. Firstly a local audible alarm and secondly a vital signal will be automatically sent to the Lifeline home unit.

  • This in turn will immediately raise a call to the 24 hour monitoring centre at Canterbury City Council and an experienced operator will alert the emergency services.

  • 10 years battery life

  • 10 years detector life


There are various types of Lifeline equipment depending on your needs.

Installation is free and the service starts from just £3.27 per week.

Unit and pendant are minimum required purchase.

Unit (with pendant)

from £327per week

Additional pendant linked to unit

£119per week (plus Unit cost)

Smoke detector linked to unit

£106per week (plus Unit cost)

Fall detector linked to unit

£147per week (plus Unit cost)

Book a free demonstration or make an enquiry

Payment for your Lifeline alarm is simple

Book a free demonstration or make an enquiry
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